Can you find the magic word?
Can you crack the cryptic clues?
It’s elementary … or is it?
Tis the season for logic and reason!
Some festive fun before 2021!
A Christmas Conundrum
A City Situation
Can you work out how far it is to Cardiff using the information on the sign post? Click here for the solution
Baffling Billiards
How can you get 30 by placing the balls into the boxes in the following equation? Click here for the solution
New Year, New You, New Hairdo
Looking for a fresh new look for 2019? Take some time out from flicking through those glossy fashion magazines and set your sights on our stylish little brainteaser! Click here for the solution
All’s Fair in Love and Riddles
This teaser is the perfect conundrum to mull over with your morning coffee. Can you decode this tricky little puzzle before you’ve reached the bottom of the cup? All you have to do is read the hints given in the riddle and work out the nine letter word! Click here for the solution
Solve the Spiral
Spring forward, fall back – it must be Daylight Saving Time again! If winding the clocks back and forth has left you in a spin, why not try our topsy-turvy brainteaser? You’re in luck though because with the clocks going back, you’ve got an extra hour to try to solve it!   Click here for the solution
Code Breaker
Cryptography puzzles contain secret phrases that have been encoded in some way. In the puzzle below, a quote from an ancient philosopher has had its letters replaced with other letters. To solve it, you will need to figure out the encryption key. To help you, use the clue U=H. Will you be able to decode […] Click here for the solution
Who do you think you are…Einstein?
Einstein believed that playing instruments, exploring nature and indeed solving puzzles, were just as valid expressions of intellect as memorising lines from a textbook. See if you can get closer to becoming a genius by solving this intriguing little teaser over your morning coffee! Click here for the solution
Matchstick Mathematics
Enjoy a little matchstick maths whilst sipping your morning macchiato! You might find the first solution fairly easily but the second requires more lateral-thinking. Can you find them both?   Click here for the solution
STEM anagram
International Coffee Day Brainteaser