In the beginning …


When Professor Puzzle stumbled on ancient puzzles in a far-flung corner of the world he was hooked. Metal puzzles were sold by a man on the street in Calcutta and a deal was immediately struck to commence metal-bending, puzzle-making training.

Returning to London, the business started as ‘Ben’s Baffling Brainbenders’.  Puzzles were made one day and sold the next at the markets in Covent Garden and Camden. Every day crowds gathered around to try and solve the mystifying metal challenges.

Crowds kept growing and the little market stalls could no longer satisfy the eager punters. With the vision to spread a passion for puzzling far and wide, formal manufacturing began in London in 2002 and Professor Puzzle Ltd was born.

Metal puzzles were created in our UK workshop before we added wooden puzzles manufactured in the Far East. As we grew, we were soon able to claim to be the world’s leading puzzle supplier.

20 years on, we are now fulfilling our mission to become the world’s leading games and puzzle company.