Which PP Party Game Are You?

6th September 2023
Which PP Party Game Are You?

You’ve been to the bars and cafes to try and strike up a connection. You’ve tried recommendations from friends who think they know your type. You’ve even tried those online apps to help you stumble across, “the one”. But try as you might, you just haven’t found that perfect party game yet …

Well look no further, as this handy guide is here to help you find your match made in competitive heaven!

Simply pick the answers that best represent you from these nine multiple-choice questions below and record the letters to determine your most common answer. Depending on your answers, we can then recommend the perfect party game for your next gathering that is guaranteed to be a hit with your guests!


It’s the weekend, and you’re ready to let off some steam after a long week. Which of these activities would you most likely be doing?

a) Spending time with friends – anything from cute brunch dates to wild parties

b) Watching a set at a comedy club or catching the newest movie at the cinema

c) Enjoying a relaxing day at home with no plans and no stress

d) Something active – go karting, bowling, going to the gym, as long as you’re out and about!

e) Treating yourself to whatever you want on a much-needed shopping spree


If you were to host a dinner party and prepare a meal for your loved ones, which dish would you serve as your main course?

a) A large sharing platter, such as a selection of tapas, or an appetising charcuterie board

b) Order in takeaway burgers and pass them off as homemade

c) An Italian-inspired pasta dish which captures your guests’ favourite flavours and enjoyed by candlelight

d) An oriental-style noodle dish, loaded with spicy vegetables and intense flavours

e) A slice of comfort food in the form of a pie, following a signature family recipe


You’re mindlessly flicking through Netflix searching for a movie to watch. Which genre of movie would you be most likely to put on?

a) A classic chick flick

b) A slapstick comedy

c) A tear-jerking romance

d) An explosive action thriller

e) A thought-provoking crime drama


It’s time for a holiday! Which type of destination would you most like to jet off to?

a) A crazy blowout at one of the party islands

b) A sugar-fuelled adventure exploring the Disneyland theme parks

c) A culture-filled break around a bustling European city

d) A long, rewarding hike in a remote, scenic natural park

e) A relaxing beach holiday lounging by the sea


If we spoke to your friends and asked them to describe you, what would they say?

a) You’re friendly and outgoing, but a total chatterbox

b) You’re funny, crazy, and don’t care what people think of you

c) You’re caring, a good listener, and always put others first

d) You’re adventurous and energetic, but you can’t sit still for more than two minutes

e) You’re thoughtful, creative, and ridiculously intelligent


You’re walking down the street with music blasting through your headphones. Which of these artists are you most likely to be bopping along to?

a) Dua Lipa, Harry Styles or Doja Cat

b) Calvin Harris, David Guetta or Daft Punk

c) Adele, Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish

d) The Beatles, Queen or Red Hot Chili Peppers

e) Paramore, Fall Out Boy or Blink-182


We all have things that seriously grind our gears, but which of these things would infuriate you the most?

a) Talking to someone who is constantly looking at their phone

b) Getting stuck behind someone walking really slowly

c) People who chew their food loudly and speak with their mouth full

d) People who push in line when you’ve been waiting in the queue for ages

e) Not being able to find something you need and have looked everywhere for


It’s a scorching hot day and there’s only one thing on your mind … ice cream! Which of these delicious flavours would you be most likely to order?

a) Chocolate

b) Strawberry

c) Vanilla

d) Bubble gum

e) Mint Choc Chip


And finally, when you are with your friends, what kind of game do you prefer to all play together?

a) Games where you have to think on your feet and be a little more strategic

b) Performance-based games where you don’t mind acting like a bit of a fool

c) Games which show off how well you know each other

d) Dexterity-based games which tests your balance and nerves

e) Improv games where your creativity is the limit


And that’s all for the questions! Total up your answers and find out which letter you picked the most. If you have a draw for your most answered letter, read both letter’s answers and pick your favourite!


If you chose mostly A’s:

You love to be sociable, you are a great conversationalist, but you’re perhaps known for putting your foot in your mouth … Therefore, your perfect game would be Too Much Info!


This hilarious game is all about saying juuuust enough! Take it in turns to describe one of the five options on the card for the other players to guess. But beware, as if everyone guesses the answer correctly, you’ve said too much! And if no one guesses the answer at all, you haven’t said enough! If either of these events happen, you have lost the round and must wear the hat

This think-on-your-feet game is great for groups and is sure to get everyone umm-ing, err-ing, and laughing out loud!


If you chose mostly B’s:

You love to be active, you have a fantastic sense of humour, and you have no problem standing out from the crowd … Therefore, your perfect game would be Like Herding Cats!

Buckle up for a game of charades, but with a cat-tastic twist! One player is the herder, and all other players are the cats. The cats pick a charade card which features two different, but eerily similar actions on the front and back, so not all cats will see the same side. The cats then don their masks and mime their action, and it’s up to the herder to correctly split them into their two separate groups.

This quirky game of mime and meows is just the thing for adding some light-hearted fun to your gathering, and perfect for performers who may want to keep their identity paw-nonymous …


If you chose mostly C’s:

You’re a naturally good listener, you have a very keen eye for detail, and you have a scarily good memory of your mates … Therefore, your perfect game would be You’re My Lobster!

This question-and-answer game is all about finding out who knows you the best. Take turns asking the question cards to the group to answer about you. Each player writes their answer on their claw whiteboard, and you can predict who you think will match your answer for bonus points. When all answers are revealed, those who have the same as you win points, and the player who gets the most of your questions right is your lobster!

This great guessing game is a fun and exciting way to find out who has been paying attention, and separate your real friends from the fake followers …


If you chose mostly D’s:

You’re fearless, you like living life on the edge, but you can be a little over-ambitious … Therefore, your perfect game would be Nacho Stack!

You’ll need to have a steady hand to pick up your nachos without breaking the stack! To start, place the nachos and jalapeño counters around the edge of the bowl. Then, take turns to roll the dice and carefully remove the nacho with the corresponding sauce. But beware, as any that fall will deduct points from your score! Play until all the nachos are removed, and the player with the most points wins!

This intense balancing game is a thrilling test of skill, and sure to keep all players on the edge of their seats. Get ready for panic, crushing defeat, and the delicious taste of victory!


If you chose mostly E’s:

You’re imaginative, you’re a natural storyteller, and you see life in a very different way to others … Therefore, your perfect game would be Written in the Cards!

This fast-thinking game involves interpreting your cards and delivering your ridiculous readings. One player is the seeker and rolls the dice to determine the kind of fortune they desire. They ask the group their question and all other players devise prophecies using the descriptor of one card, paired with the object on another. Then each player tells a story to answer the seeker’s question, using any of the card pairings submitted. The seeker selects their favourite card combination and story to earn points and determine the ultimate mystic victor.

This hysterical game of fortunes and frenzy is a brilliant addition to any party, and great for putting your quick thinking to the test. One thing in your future is for certain; you are destined for hours of fun!

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