Logic Puzzles to Train Your Brain!

9th May 2024
Logic Puzzles to Train Your Brain!

Unleash your inner puzzle master with our exciting new logic puzzles!

Do you have a passion for crosswords, sudoku, or battleship? If the answer is yes, then our brand-new logic puzzles might be just what you’re looking for. Available in three unique styles, these puzzles are perfectly portable, tailored to suit any occasion, and cater to puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. After already kicking up quite the storm during the trade show season, these puzzles can now be yours!

Brain Train: Your daily commute companion

For those hectic daily commutes, we introduce Brain Train – a puzzle that will keep your mind engaged and entertained. Challenge yourself to strategically fit all the trains onto the puzzle without any overlap, while ensuring the correct number in each column. It’s the perfect way to make your commute not only productive but also enjoyable.

Happy Campers: Campfire relaxation

When you find yourself unwinding by the campfire, Happy Campers is the ideal choice. Follow the prompts on the card to fill in the charming campervans and indulge in a relaxing puzzle-solving experience. Whether you’re camping in the great outdoors or just enjoying some downtime at home, Happy Campers provides the perfect blend of leisure and mental stimulation.

Lost Treasure: Adventure awaits

If you’re taking a break from exploring ancient tombs, discovering long-lost treasures, and dodging historical artifact theft, Lost Treasure is the puzzle for you. Use the number clues to navigate the trail leading to the hidden treasure. It’s an adventurous twist to the classic logic puzzle that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Sustainable Puzzle-Solving

No matter which style you choose, each puzzle comes with a whiteboard and a dry-wipe pen, making them completely reusable. This aligns with Professor Puzzle’s ongoing dedication to being a green and sustainable company. We are continuously exploring ways to make our games and puzzles not only enjoyable but also environmentally friendly.

Share the joy with your family and friends as you progress through levels of Easy, Medium, and Hard, simultaneously learning and challenging yourselves along the way. For more info, watch our TikTok video here and send us a picture of your completed logic puzzle!

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