Stocking Filler Gift List

15th December 2023
Stocking Filler Gift List

Struggling to stuff your Christmas stockings with gifts that will truly make people smile? Put down the days-of-the-week socks and pick up some of these games and goodies instead. We’ve compiled a list of stocking fillers that are not only thoughtful and unique but, most importantly, fun!

Little Builders / Little Astronauts / Little Bakers (4-8 Years):

Shopping for small children? Consider our ‘Little’ card sets to keep them engaged and entertained. As you sneak away to prepare the Christmas feast, these games are ideal for keeping kids distracted. With an average playing time of ten minutes, these sets are guaranteed to keep your child’s attention, and are great for developing problem-solving, memory, and social development skills. Choose from three different fun and colourful themes to suit your little gamer’s preferences!



Snapping Turtles / Crazy Apes / Go Farm (4+):

With a fun twist on traditional card games like Crazy Eights, Snap, and Go Fish, these animal-themed games make for another fantastic addition to kids’ stockings. Featuring adorable illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, they’re not only kid-approved, but are a lifeline for parents seeking a breather from the Christmas chaos. There’s three to choose from, — Crazy Apes, Go Farm, and Snapping Turtles — so whether you pick one or want to collect them all, these mini card sets provide the perfect opportunity for some family fun!



What would a Christmas dinner table be without some hilarious (or groan-worthy) jokes! If you can’t get enough of the cracker puns this year, then why not sprinkle a bit more festive humour by gifting one of our joke sets? From cheesy jokes and gross jokes to dog jokes and dad jokes, there’s a laugh in store for everyone, and their small size means they’re ideal for popping into a stocking!

Mini Trivia:

It’s not really Christmas without a good old-fashioned quiz – even if it might start a family argument … with our mini trivia sets, you can show off your brains and get extra brownie points for picking the set that best matches the receiver’s personality. For the athletic folk, go for the Sports Quiz, and for the cinephile, how about the Movie Quiz? Whatever their interest or IQ, these trivia sets make for a thoughtful addition to someone’s stocking.


Mini Masterpieces:

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations, our mini masterpieces are the perfect retreat, allowing you to unwind with these tiny puzzles inspired by the world’s greatest pieces of art. Ideal for someone who needs a quiet moment amid the Christmas chaos, or for a peaceful activity on a cold (or snowy) afternoon, these puzzles are a great little gift.

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