Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best perspective of them all?

16th October 2020
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best perspective of them all?

We’re seeing double here at PP HQ with launch of our new competitive brain training game, Reflect Mirror Mazes!

Our perspective has been flipped right on its head with a double-sided mirror that messes with your mind!

Reflect Mirror Mazes is so simple but effective – two players sit face-to-face with a double-sided mirror between them and their hands hidden by hand guards.

Following the image in the mirror, each player races to complete their challenge. It’s as simple as quickly and accurately drawing the correct route through a maze or correctly tracing a shape … but nothing is as simple as it seems when following a mirror image!

Lines seem to move; left and right turns become suddenly confusing; and your brain thinks your hand is in the right position when it’s really not!

Who will control their perspective, vision and dexterity to end up with the best mirror image, while their opponent is still pausing for reflection?

Each challenge can be completed in less than 1-minute but with 100 challenges, this addictive game keeps you entertained for hours. No one can resist ‘just one more try’!

Available for purchase on Amazon or through a wealth of high street retailers, this brand-new brain training game is guaranteed for hours of non-stop family fun!



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