7th July 2017

On Wednesday 5th July, with the last box unpacked and the coffee machine switched on, the Professor Puzzle US office officially opened its doors! Situated directly next to the Willis Tower in the centre of Chicago, our new office will be the key to supporting our increasingly expanding US customer base and cementing Professor Puzzle as a truly global company.

Desks have been decided in the only fair way – with a fast and furious Robot Rampage battle – and the team, consisting of Andrew Wade, Axel Holm, Dan Baxter and Jodi Muesel, are all settled in. Fresh with ideas for exciting new products, sales pitches and aspirations for inevitable Professor Puzzle world domination, we expect to continue seeing great things from our Chicago office! To quote Axel, “Right now we’re on the 16th floor, but the sky is the limit!”

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