Time to Celebrate …

18th January 2023
Time to Celebrate …

We’re over the moon to have two products shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2023! Rainbow Go! and Hexagone have both been shortlisted in the games category.

Which game you’ll love the most depends on whether you’re a tactical thinker or a trivia champion!

In Rainbow Go! it’s a race to react and be the first to shout the right answer. Each question card has seven clues but only one correct response. The clues get easier, but the fewer you use, the more points you win. Players race to be the first to slap the “Go!” card, answer correctly, and claim victory for that round.

Alternatively, Hexagone is your chance to see how you shape up against friends and family as you put your strategic thinking to the test. This bright, piece-collecting game sees players rolling the coloured dice to move the wooden “hexagones” and claim victory! Connect a set of three or more matching hexagones to win them, or tactically make your move to stop other players gaining points.

While you’re thinking about which one to try first, we’ve got our fingers crossed for the final result.

Stay tuned to see if one of these colourful games will win GOTY …

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