Secrets of the Silver Screen Invitations

Welcome to Secrets of the Silver Screen. Renowned actress and notorious diva Ruby Bloom is found poisoned in her dressing room during filming of her new movie. Accusations are being hurled at breakneck speed! With eight suspects on set and an ever-tangled web of secrets, lies and schemes, there’s no shortage of motives for wanting Ruby gone.

Set in the Golden Age of Hollywood, this immersive murder mystery will see you and your fellow dinner guests become both murder suspects and detectives for the evening. Will you be able to unravel the clues, pinpoint the motives and solve the murder before coffee is served?


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As Ruby’s personal assistant, you have a unique insight into the gritty realities of her life. Ambitious, assertive and quick to take control of any situation, you have your sights set on becoming a studio executive one day.

Suggested clothing: Although you work in Hollywood, all that frou-frou glamour is not for you. You find that wearing a suit helps you get taken seriously in a stuffy boardroom full of men, so you favour a smart pair of slacks, a button-down shirt and a colourful silk scarf tied around your neck.

Character actions: You’re used to tantrums and meltdowns, so nothing much fazes you. If someone starts to raise their voice, you’re adept at plastering on your biggest smile and speaking firmly.

Character relationships: You think Chuck epitomises all that’s wrong with this chauvinistic industry and his cruel remarks don’t amuse you. You respect Miranda’s longevity in the industry, even if she can be callous at times.


You’re one of Hollywood’s most notorious directors. Though your movies are adored by fans all over, you have a reputation for being an aggressive director who rules with an iron fist. On more than one occasion you’ve been known to bellow, “It’s my way, or the highway, toots!”

Suggested clothing and props: You’re never seen without a cigar in your hand, so make sure you have one to go along with your suit and suspenders.

Character actions: You rule with fear and intimidation, so don’t be afraid to get loud and slam your fists on the table.

Character relationships: Are you kidding? There isn’t one person here who you think is fit to shine your shoes! You’re surrounded by has-beens and try-hards and you’re not shy about letting them know.


You’re one of the longest working actresses in Hollywood. You rose to fame as a young starlet in silent movies, but now you’re stuck playing the frumpy, foolish roles that nobody else wants. You’re elegant, refined and glamorously aloof and your private life is shrouded in mystery.

Suggested style and props: No matter what humiliating role you have, you always maintain a quiet dignity by ensuring your hair is impeccably styled, your pearls are polished and your red lipstick is perfectly in place. Your cigarette holder is part of your style and you always have it close at hand.

Character actions: Often sarcastic, you’ve also mastered the art of the perfect eye-roll. You take deep drags from your cigarette holder whenever you find your patience being tested.

Character relationships: You think Felicity is a naïve fool for wanting to get involved in this industry. As someone who’s seen it all in the world of movies and studio politics, you know that newbie Mr Norris is hiding something.


It’s always been your dream to live the high life and – having spent years as a struggling screenwriter – this movie was supposed to be your big break. You’ve found yourself in a rather sticky situation, though, and you’re not known as someone who keeps their cool under pressure.

Suggested clothing and props: You’ve barely managed to sleep a wink in the last few days, so your suit and tie are wrinkled and dishevelled and you have dark circles under your eyes. You have a newspaper close by so you can keep an eye on the latest horse racing updates.

Character actions: Nervous and jittery, you keep looking over your shoulder and jump at any loud noises.

Character relationships: Under normal circumstances, you’d waste no time before slipping Felicity Darling your number or swapping lifestyle tips with Spencer Lowe. But you’re too skittish to think straight and you’re suspicious of everyone.


You’re the hot new talent in town and you’re here to become a star. On the surface, you’re a diehard femme fatale who’s not afraid to use her womanly charms to get what she wants. But the reality is that you’re a far better actress than people realise.

Suggested clothing: You use glamour as an armour, so don’t be afraid to dress to the nines. Diamond earrings, fake fur and satin gloves are all weapons in your arsenal.

Character actions: The whole world is your stage, so you never miss a chance to dramatise. You communicate with hand gestures just as much as with words, so be prepared to gesticulate.

Character relationships: You’re having a secret, shall we say, rendezvous, with Spencer, so you’re guilty of a lingering stare towards him every now and again.


You’re Ruby’s husband, though you married less for love and more for the money, mansion and cars. You feel it’s a fair exchange for your good looks and charm, both of which you use in order to get what you want. You’re conceited but with good cause – you can’t help it if women are drawn to you like flies!

Suggested style: Being a kept man is hard work, so you want everyone around you to see the rewards it brings. Whether it’s a gold watch, a jewelled pair of cufflinks or an expensive tie pin, you believe in wearing your wealth.

Character actions: You’re a shameless flirt – after all, a guy like you needs to keep their options open! So you like to dazzle women with a smouldering glance or a kiss on the hand.

Character relationships: You butt heads with Chuck, trying to establish who’s alpha, and you’re sick of Felicity making those goo-goo eyes at you. You enjoy turning your charm on Daisy and watching how flustered she gets.


Sweet, sensitive and just a little shallow, you’re the on-set make-up artist. You love the glamour and being surrounded by beautiful people but you also crave the spotlight for yourself. You’re sure your time will come soon – after all, you of all people know that stars are made, not born.

Suggested style: As the resident beauty expert, you wouldn’t be caught dead in anything less than a full face of make-up. As far as you’re concerned there’s no such thing as natural beauty, so ensure that your face is preened to perfection.

Character actions: You like to be camera-ready for any given opportunity, so you’re always trying to find your best angle. You also want to keep everyone else looking their best, so feel free to fix any flyaway hairs you notice or touch up someone’s make-up during dinner.

Character relationships: Anyone raising their voice reduces you to tears, so you like to avoid arguments and confrontations. You just want everyone to get along!


You’re Ruby’s number one fan. You wouldn’t call yourself obsessed exactly, just … passionate. Ruby is your perfect woman, so you’ve done what any lovestruck guy would do – moved across the country to Hollywood so as to cross paths with your beloved. Maybe now Ruby will finally respond to your five-page love letters!

Suggested clothing and props: You’re on a mission to win over the love of your life, so you came dressed to impress. Your best suit is immaculate, your hair is slicked back and you have a bunch of freshly picked flowers in your hand.

Character actions: Whenever talk turns to Ruby, you tend to stare dreamily into the distance. Your temper turns quickly if anything bad is said about her and you’re not above sticking your fingers in your ears to block out the lies!

Character relationships: It’s safe to say you don’t particularly care for Spencer since you believe that you and Ruby make a much better match. Similarly, you dislike that Felicity girl for ever thinking she could compete with a beauty such as your darling Ruby.