Shooting Stars for the Day

14th June 2023
Shooting Stars for the Day

At PP we like to try and make a difference, big or small. One of the ways we do this is by giving our team the option to complete volunteer days, to work with charities who need a helping hand.

Shooting Star hospice is a charity we have worked with for a long time and is very close to our hearts. So, some of PP’s logistics team took a trip to Shooting Star for a volunteer day!¬†



They arrived at the hospice in the morning and were greeted by Ellie, one of Shooting Star’s wonderful employees. She had organised the volunteer day, so gave the team a tour and a full brief of what they would be up to.

Ellie then gave the team a quick explanation of all the amazing work the hospice do and the services they offer to children with life limiting illnesses, and support for their families. These include sibling fun days, therapy sessions for parents, grandparents and siblings, as well as arts and crafts workshops and relaxation therapies. They also offer support for bereaved families.



Then the team got to work! They took turns completing different tasks such as weeding, jet washing and sanding down benches that needed re-painting.



All in all a very successful day for a great cause! We hope to be able to offer a hand to more organisations in the future. Click here to find out more about Shooting Star Hospice.


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