23rd September 2022

We’re taking part in an exciting initiative this month which we wanted to let you all know about!


We’ve been invited by the Curious Correspondence Club to be one of 30 puzzle creators participating in their awesome initiative, “Puzzletember”.


In their words, “Puzzletember is a month-long digital event featuring 30 uniquely crafted puzzles.  The idea is to bring the puzzling, escaping, and gaming communities together during the month of September. Throughout the month, we want to highlight top-tier companies from around the world to showcase the talent within our industry.”


We jumped at the chance and have since been developing our puzzle(s), which will be featured today – 23rd September. We’ve taken the opportunity to design a precursor to Danger in the Deep, our thrilling secret agent escape room based on the Retarius submarine. The imagery, style of puzzle, and narrative all fit with the game, but it doesn’t give anything away or use any of the existing puzzles – so you can play this section, get totally hooked into it, and then buy the game to carry on playing!


To have a go at our puzzles and enter today’s competition to win your own copy of Danger in the Deep, just take a look at CCC’s Instagram – @curiouscorrespondence –  we’ve been enjoying the challenge of trying to solve the puzzles that have been posted every day so far (with mixed levels of success!).


Drop us a message afterward – @professorpuzzleltd – we’d love to hear what you think!

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