The Case of Sherlock’s Lock Puzzle

Using the key, move the blocks in the right sequence to release the lock and outsmart Moriarty’s devious plan.

Dr Watson’s sudden and inexplicable disappearance on his way home to Baker Street has quickly become front-page news. However, the nature of his predicament and whereabouts have remained shrouded in mystery. To all, that is, except Sherlock Holmes, whose nefarious archnemesis, Moriarty, has challenged him to save his friend before time runs out. Upon solving Moriarty’s elaborate trail of clues, Holmes finds himself deep in an underground prison where Watson is held captive. The clock is ticking, and Holmes must find a way to free the lock. But he must act swiftly before the exterior doors slam behind him, sealing their fate and leaving them both at Moriarty’s mercy.

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