An unsolved mystery shrouds the luxurious Royal Hotel. Will you be the one to uncover the secret in this fast-paced, quick-thinking adventure game? On her deathbed, the hotel’s enigmatic owner, Lady Danton, revealed that she’d created a trail of cryptic puzzles around the hotel. At the trail’s end, she had placed a truly unique prize. Any hotel guest would be eligible to try to claim it for themselves – but if not solved within ten years the prize would be lost forever. Now, just hours remain. Long-tempted to test your puzzle-solving abilities within those famous walls, you’ve seized this final chance. You’re standing in the stunning hotel foyer, and there’s no time to lose. The beautiful building is teeming with expert treasure hunters, all with one goal in mind … Gather some friends and get ready to play! During the game, you’ll move through the hotel solving a series of interactive puzzles. Your ultimate quest? To solve the mystery and claim Lady Danton’s prize for yourself!

Product Specification

Product Code: ES11752

Pack Size: 6

Pack Dimensions: N/A

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