Murder in Tinseltown

Assess the evidence and find the killer in this crime investigation game!

On the set of her latest movie, Hollywood sweetheart Ruby Bloom is found dead. As an LAPD detective, it’s your job to uncover what happened … and you suspect murder. The starlet certainly had a reputation, and there’s no shortage of suspects, but who hated her enough to steal her final breath? Set in the Golden Age of Hollywood, this tabletop murder mystery game invites you to investigate the crime scene, question suspects and link evidence to form your conclusions about the murder. Can you see past the glitz and glamour to collate the facts, accuse the correct killer, and bring them to justice? Be warned, Detective, the case won’t be easy—after all, in Tinseltown, a lie isn’t a lie … it’s just good acting.

Product Specification

Product Code: CSI11541

Pack Size: 6

Pack Dimensions: N/A

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