New release! Quick-fire mini escape room games!

25th August 2020
New release! Quick-fire mini escape room games!

Get ready to usher in an exciting new generation of home puzzles with this collection of mini escape room games! Hot off the success of our best-selling escape room range, these quick-fire games have been specifically developed for fast and simple set-up with minimal fuss.

Gameplay couldn’t be more effortless with detailed instructions and an easy-to-follow format. Each game contains four sealed puzzle envelopes and a map showing twelve possible exit locations. Switching the puzzles between them, each player tries to solve each one, anything from an 80s power ballad lyric challenge to a gruesome zombie repellent riddle! Each solution offers a different clue about the location of the correct exit so that once all four baffling brainteasers have been solved, each player can announce their chosen exit. Who will pick the right one and escape safely from the game, and who will fall victim to one of the eleven shocking alternative fates?

With lively storylines and bold artwork, this range offers the perfect introduction to the world of escape rooms. Each game has a 45-minute play time, making them fit seamlessly into any game night, party or get-together. They have each been carefully developed to produce a truly immersive experience and with three unique themes to pick from, there’s something here for everyone – which one will you play first?

Escape from the Mall

Dust off those legwarmers and backcomb that hair as you kick your brains into high gear with Escape from the Mall! What started as a fun plan to explore the mall after hours with your friends quickly turns sour as you realise you have no idea how to get out! Will you be able to crack the puzzles and escape through the right exit, or will you fall victim to mall madness?

Escape from Dead Town

It’s time to test your braaaains in Escape from Dead Town! Since the Outbreak began, the streets are now filled with the moaning, shuffling, flesh-hungry undead. Your only shot of escaping is to get to the military pick-up point and hitch a ride to the safe zone. Will you be able to solve the puzzles and find your way to the correct pick-up point, or will you end up as zombie food?

Escape from the Casino

It’s time to raise the stakes and pull off the greatest-ever casino heist in Escape From the Casino! Amongst all the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip, there’s only one thing that you have your eye on: the world’s largest uncut diamond. Acquiring the diamond is one thing, but getting it out of the casino in which it’s displayed undetected is quite another!  Will you be able to crack the puzzles and make it safely out of the casino, or will your gamble be a bust?

All the games in this mini escape room range are available for purchase from the 10th September. Get your orders in quick because these pocket-sized party puzzles are sure to be a smash-hit!

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