Last Chance Saloon Invitations

Welcome to the Last Chance Saloon. A mysterious fortune teller has come to the small town of Ghost Creek and revealed a spine-chilling premonition. She foretells the imminent murder of Avery Rogers, a cattle baron and Ghost Creek’s richest (and meanest) resident. There are six suspects and the clock is ticking. There’s a tangled web of grudges, lies and secrets to unravel if Avery is to survive beyond sunset!

Set in the dusty, lawless lands of the Wild West, this immersive murder mystery will see you and your fellow dinner guests become both murder suspects and detectives for the evening. Will you be able to unravel the clues, pinpoint the motives and foil a murder plot before coffee is served?


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Young and beautiful, you’re the Last Chance Saloon’s most popular dancer, and you’ve made a pretty comfortable life for yourself. Yet you yearn for glamour and adventure because Ghost Creek just isn’t big enough for you. You have your sights set on brighter horizons and you’re determined not to let anything stand in your way.

Suggested clothing: Elbow-length gloves, ruffles, lace, feathers, lipstick – anything eye-catching that might help you separate a man from his hard-earned dollars.

Character actions: A girl has to take care of herself, so you’re often primping and preening – fixing your hair, reapplying your rouge and batting your eyelashes. People shouldn’t underestimate you, though, because you’re not afraid to muss up your hair and stand your ground when you need to! 

Character relationships: Scarlett is far too helpless for your liking and you can’t help but roll your eyes each time she feels a swoon coming on. You can spot a swindler a mile away, so you take everything Sawyer says with a pinch of salt.


You were one of the early settlers of Ghost Creek and you’ve seen the town change dramatically over the years. In your eyes, it’s become nothing but a hotbed of depravity and, as a God-fearing man, you feel it’s your duty to clean it up. It’s time to stop turning the other cheek and stand up to those no-good sinners! 

Suggested clothing and props: As the town’s undertaker, you’re always dressed for business in black trousers, a black waistcoat, a white shirt, a black ribbon tie and a top hat. You often have a tape measure draped around your neck, just in case you need to size someone up for a coffin.

Character actions: More than a few residents of Ghost Creek have been met with your withering, disapproving glare. You’re known to clasp your hands together in prayer when you find yourself in a particularly testing situation.

Character relationships: In your eyes, there are no redeemable souls in this group of five people. You have no desire to be close to anyone here and you’re not afraid to come across as judgemental.


You’re a young Southern belle and the daughter of one of the most important engineers in the country. You were raised with servants at your beck and call, and had more riches than you knew what to do with. So why are you here in Ghost Creek, so far from home?

Suggested clothing and props: It’s nothing but the highest fashion for you! With frilly dresses, silk gloves, jewellery a-plenty, a fine linen handkerchief and a fan, accessories are key to your style. Most importantly, make sure you come wearing a hat because a lady should never be seen without one!

Character actions: Whether it’s the heat or your delicate Southern sensibilities, you often use your fan to stop yourself falling into a swoon. Coming from a prominent society family, your etiquette is nothing short of impeccable – you would never dream of slouching, spitting or (heaven forbid) cussing!

Character relationships: You know you’ve seen Mr West somewhere before, but you can’t quite recall where. You detest Clara’s total lack of manners and savour every chance you get to say so!


You’re a travelling salesman, peddling your brand of West & Sons revitalising health tonics across the country. Beneath your winning smile, you’re nothing more than a two-bit snake-oil salesman. You make your living going from town to town to separate fools from their cash, but you’ve had a spate of bad luck and you’re desperate enough now to do anything for a quick buck.

Suggested clothing and props: A salesman is nothing without his product, so you always keep a few bottles of West & Sons tonic to hand. Other than that, you travel light, wearing a freshly pressed suit, a waistcoat and shirt, and a bowtie. You carry a small suitcase.

Character actions: You’re about as charming as they come, so you’re always quick with a smile or a reassuring pat on the hand. Being a salesman is all about keeping up appearances so you’re sure never to let your smile slip.

Character relationships: You like to charm everyone you come into contact with, even if that means smiling through Earl’s inane jabbering or Clara’s foul tempers.


You’re one of Ghost Creek’s most hot-headed residents and meaner than a two-headed snake! A former ranch owner, and the fastest sharpshooter in the state, you can shoot the cigarette out from between a man’s lips at thirty paces. You’re not one for philosophising, but you like to live your life by the words of Annie Oakley: “I ain’t afraid to love a man, I ain’t afraid to shoot him either.”

Suggested clothing and props: A true cowgirl, you’re not one for frilly, fancy clothes and you never go anywhere without your bandana, hat and holster. You’re a keen drinker so make sure you have a shot glass
to hand.

Character actions: You down shots like they’re going out of style and you’re not shy about refilling your own glass. You’re prone to bursts of anger, so don’t be afraid to slam your fist on the table and raise your voice!

Character relationships: You’d never admit it but you have a soft spot for Earl – he’s the one who keeps the moonshine flowing for you, after all. You respect Lilly’s no-nonsense attitude, and you enjoy antagonising William.


As the owner of the Last Chance Saloon, there’s not a conversation to be had, a deal to be made or a fist to be raised that you don’t find out about. You’re the eyes and ears of the town. Blackmail is such an ugly word, though, so you prefer to say that you simply use information to balance the score. In reality, you’re the biggest snitch this side of the Mississippi.

Suggested clothing and props: Behind the bar, you normally stick to a brown waistcoat, a white sleeved shirt, a black bowtie with matching arm bands and an apron splattered with liquor stains. You always have your trusty bar rag to mop up any sarsaparilla spills.

Character actions: You’re a barman first and foremost, so you like to make sure that nobody’s glass ever runs dry. After all, the more generously you pour, the more spontaneously the secrets come tumblin’ out!

Character relationships: You’re only nice to people when you need something from them. You sometimes get the feeling that the other characters don’t respect you, but you don’t pay too much mind to that.