Keep the fun going at home!

4th June 2020
Keep the fun going at home!


Games, puzzles and quizzes have been a lifeline to us all in recent months. They’ve proven to be a great tool to bring us together and provide hours of much-needed entertainment! While our normal day-to-day life has changed dramatically and we’re spending more time at home, we’ve turned to games and puzzles to be creative and keep boredom at bay. Whether you’re quizzing with your friends on Zoom parties or playing board games on family game night, we’ve got you covered and we’ve been working extra hard to ensure your lockdown is packed with hours of fun!


We’ve been busy creating a series of virtual games that can be played online or downloaded as a print-and-play. These games are all adaptations of our existing products, designed to keep you staying creative and challenged, as well as giving you new ways to connect with family and friends.We’ve also made them completely free as our contribution to your home entertainment!


Even better – we’re keeping them available! So, here’s a quick rundown of what you can play so far …


Pub Quiz!


We’ve brought the pub straight to your living rooms with our free UK Pub Quiz. So get your friends and family together and let the trivia battles begin!



Riddle Scavenger Hunt!


Great for zoom calls with the grandparents, try our Family Riddle Scavenger Hunt game; perfect for some action-packed fun. Players must solve a set of riddles, then run and find the household object that’s the answer.



Sketch Off!


Fancy yourself as a bit of an artist? Gather some friends and family and test your doodling skills with our fast-thinking, fast-guessing drawing game; Sketch Off. Players are given three topics – a “who”, a “what” and a “where”, and must race to draw the hilarious scene while their teammates guess what it is!

Head to the links below to play!




Couples Quiz!


Whether you and your partner have been isolating together, or keeping it strictly Skype, try this Couples Quiz which includes 50 juicy questions to test just how well you know each other! (Perhaps a little better than you did back in March?!)



Where in the World?


While we may have been stuck indoors, there’s no reason our minds must be. We’re inviting you to let your brains roam with our globetrotting trivia game! From Paris to Tokyo, each card features three clues about a different city for you and your teammates to guess where in the world you are!



STEM home learning!


Compliment the home-schooling or give the kids a different style of lesson  with our virtual or print-and-play STEM trivia game! Perfect for ages 8 to 12yrs.




We’ve been releasing these games each Friday through our Professor Puzzle social media channels; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So be sure to follow us on all our handles to keep up to date and never miss a game. We have plenty more exciting projects to send your waySo we hope you get involved, get playing and get creative!

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