How to Host Your Own Games Night

14th February 2018
How to Host Your Own Games Night

Whilst the nights are still cold and the temperature hasn’t risen nearly enough to tempt the leaves back onto the trees, there’s nothing better than inviting a few friends over, turning the heating up high and busting open a few board games! Whether you’re crazy about charades or potty about pub quizzes, a games night is the ultimate in low maintenance entertainment. Just take a few well-loved games, a cosy living room, some background music and a little friendly (or not so) competition and you’ve got yourself a night to remember!

Here at Professor Puzzle we make playtime our business and we like to think we know a thing or two about how to have fun,. So, follow our list of tricks to help you host your own games night without a hitch:

–  You’ll save time (and arguments) by ensuring you fully understand all the rules of the games before your guests arrive. Give yourself some time to go over all the instruction sheets so that you’re able to easily explain the game play to your guests

–  Put the phones away! Games night is about spending quality time with your friends and family, so that Tweet can wait

–  Have a rough itinerary in mind that’s loose enough so you can make last-minute changes but means that you’re not having to rely on guests making up their minds on which game to play. There’s nothing worse than a chorus of “I don’t know, what do you want to play?”

–  Mix things up with a variety of different game types – alternate between brain-busting trivia and games that get you on your feet and moving about

–  Where possible, set up the games beforehand so that they’re ready to play. Nothing kills the mood like spending twenty minutes sorting out pieces and hunting down that lost dice

–  Gaming is thirsty work so serve refreshing cocktails to re-energise your guests (with virgin versions for the kids!)

–  Forget a sit-down dinner and keep the food relaxed. Aim for simple, mess free snacks – think finger foods and bite-sized bits

–  Give the night a theme to liven things up. Retro favourites, adults versus kids, battle of the brains – the list is endless!

–  Avoid unnecessary arguments (and tears) by assigning one trusted player to record everyone’s scores. Their word is final!

So dust off those dice and wipe down the scoreboard for a cosy evening in that’s sure to be jam-packed with fun and games!

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