Secrets of Emerald Hill Invitations

Welcome to the Secrets of Emerald Hill. At the outer reaches of London’s most sought-after postcode sits Emerald Hill, the city’s highly exclusive gated community. When Mr Addington, the snobbish owner of the estate, is found dead on the marble floor of his en suite bathroom, it’s clear that his death was no accident. Each of the residents is hiding an explosive secret, but only one of them would go so far as to kill in order to protect that secret!

Set in the ‘80s, when hair was big and shoulder pads were bigger, this immersive murder mystery will see you and your fellow dinner guests become both murder suspects and detectives for the evening. Will you be able to unravel the clues, pinpoint the motives and solve the murder before coffee is served?


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You are a former aerobics instructor who has made your fortune from fitness video tapes. Bubbly, energetic and upbeat (sometimes annoyingly so), you’ve become a household name with your catchphrase, “It’s time to fight the fat!”

Suggested clothing: Never seen without your sweatbands, trainers, Spandex and scrunchie, you’re ready for a workout wherever you are!

Character actions: It’s important to stay limber, so don’t be afraid to fire off a few stretches at the dinner table. Brought some dumbbells? Put them to work! 

Character relationships: You have respect for Heather as a fellow businesswoman and for Steven as a fellow athlete. You’re not so fond of Christian, though – feel free to ignore any advances he makes towards you.


You are the only child of an incredibly wealthy London family. Never having worked a day in your life, you’re spoilt and have a strong sense of entitlement. You split your time between the golf course and the tennis club, all the while attempting to swap pager numbers with the city’s hottest supermodels. You mostly fail at the latter. 

Suggested clothing and props: Chinos, boat shoes and your finest tweed jacket. It may be summer, darling, but you have an image to maintain!

Character actions: Be sure to correct everyone on their table manners: unfortunately not everyone is as well bred as you are.

Character relationships: You can’t keep your eyes off the women of Emerald Hill, Tiffany in particular. You don’t have any time for Eugene, though – you can’t stand the nouveau riche and their lack of proper money etiquette.


You are the founder and CEO of a catalogue cosmetics company. Your best-selling product, Dream Frost lip shimmer in “Call Me Coral”, can be found in the make-up bags of women all over the world. You built your company from scratch and managed to hold your own in a boardroom dominated by men. There’s no love life for this workaholic; you’re married to your job.

Suggested clothing and props: Excessive hairspray, big clip-on earrings, a power suit and your accessory of choice – your Filofax!

Character actions: You’re fed up with men dominating the conversation, so make sure to sigh or roll your eyes whenever you feel they’ve been talking for too long.

Character relationships: Although you’re an independent woman, you have a soft spot for Christian. Be sure to laugh at his jokes and stroke his arm whenever you can. On the flip side, you can’t stand Annabelle and her housewifely aspirations – you’re a proud business owner and women shouldn’t dedicate their lives to tidying up after their husbands!


Everyone knows you just as “Amber” and you are the hottest new pop sensation. With your music videos on constant rotation on MTV, your latest album is set to go platinum. You’ve dreamt of stardom since you were a little girl, practising in front of your mirror with a hairbrush. Ambitious and single-minded, you have the looks, the talent, and the drive for world domination.

Suggested clothing and props: You are instantly recognisable because of your spectacular mane of fiery red hair. Don’t forget your fishnet gloves, string beads, black kohl eyes and your favoured tulle skirt!

Character actions: Conscious of your beautiful head of hair, you can’t seem to stop flicking it about. You’re proud of your latest pop hit, so be sure to hum it wherever you can.

Character relationships: You feel you could learn a lot from Keith and his ability to land any magazine cover he chooses. You find him pretty easy on the eye too… so do flutter your eyelashes at him as often as possible.


You are the country’s number one ranked tennis player and are fifth in the world. Having just won the prestigious Hart Cup, you’re raking in the sponsorship deals – everything from breakfast cereals to the Walkman, sunglasses and double glazing. With the new influx of money, you’re looking to leave the tennis court behind you.

Suggested clothing and props: Tennis shorts, a smart polo shirt and a jumper over the shoulders. You may be indoors, but the sunglasses stay on – the other residents of Emerald Hill don’t need to know about your latest black eye.

Character actions: You’re quick to temper, so don’t be afraid to bang on the table and get in people’s faces any time you feel you’re being even vaguely disrespected.

Character relationships: To be honest, you’re not really a fan of anyone here. You’re not very patient and you can think of a dozen things you’d rather be doing than spending time with people not good enough to wring out your sweatbands.


You are an actor in a daytime soap. You’re considerably lacking in the talent department, but with your youthful good looks, you more than make up for it in swoon-ability. A constant fixture on the covers of teen magazines, there’s hardly a girl’s bedroom in the country that doesn’t have your posters plastered on its walls.

Suggested clothing and props: Cowboy boots, white T-shirt and your Versace leather jacket. Your mullet is sprayed to perfection and you’ve had your hair highlighted blonde so you can look just like George Michael in his “Faith” video.

Character actions: You’ve spent a lot of money on your new hairdo, so be sure to keep asking everyone if they like it. You can spot a mirror a mile away and can’t resist checking yourself out in any reflective surface you can find.

Character relationships: You think Eugene could definitely smarten himself up a little bit – doesn’t he know that image is everything? On the other hand, you respect Amber’s commitment to her trademark look. Maybe you should swap some style tips with her?


You are a tech genius and inventor of the popular “Robot Chase” video game that has just sold out in shops for the second time this year. Ignored, bullied and ridiculed as a nerd in your teenage days, you’re enjoying the perks that your newfound fame and fortune have given you.

Suggested clothing and props: A button-up shirt, pocket calculator (always handy), smart jeans and your thick-rimmed glasses.

Character actions: You suffer terribly with hay fever. With this being the height of summer, be sure to bring a lot of tissues. Sniffle, sniffle!

Character relationships: The fact that Christian has never worked a day in his life irritates you. It’s not fair that money (not to mention women) came so easily to him while you had to work so hard for what you have. To say you’re somewhat bitter would be an understatement.


You are a domestic goddess and devoted housewife. Your wealthy husband aspires to a political career and is away frequently on business, so you’ve made it your duty to keep an immaculate home. A self-confessed perfectionist and neat freak, you can often be found polishing your silverware or rearranging your Tupperware.

Suggested clothing and props: A crisp summer dress, costume jewellery and a perm preened to perfection.

Character actions: You’re committed to cleanliness so be sure to tidy the area around you whenever you can. Bring an extra pair of rubber gloves; you never know when you might feel the need to do a little scrubbing.

Character relationships: You don’t like confrontational people so you tend to stay clear of Steven when he’s in one of his moods. Also, you don’t think Heather’s candid nature is very becoming in a lady. She really should learn to speak more tactfully.