Intro Clue: Look at the objectives taped to the terminal and make sure you follow the instructions (and order) carefully, and that you check over all the images for each step. But beware, the tools you need to solve each part of the challenge may be scattered across the submarine panel’s many screens.
Radar Station Clue: The radar looks as if it’s plotting three distinct ‘paths’. Try drawing a line between each path and seeing what reveals itself.
Radar Station Solution: If you draw a line between each set of two co-ordinates, they’ll triangulate a number. This number is 73.
System Override Clue: That’s a lot of buttons to push, but only one correct answer, and only one correct way to ‘fit’ the control diagrams into the grid.
System Override Answer: The split diagrams piece together to fill out the grid of active and inactive buttons. When done correctly, you should see the numbers 12 lit up.
Pressure Gauge Clues: Scattered across a few of the screens are a number of pressure gauge images and their numerical readings. Each dot’s placement on it’s ring outputs a number. Use this system to calculate the final pressure gauge reading.
Pressure Gauge Answer: The dots represent placement on a clock face, inner ring to outer. Meaning the final pressure reading is 654.
I have all the numbers, what do I do with them?
Once you have a string of numbers, you need to get a username from it before you can override the submarine. Take a closer look at the very first screen for a clue on how to complete this.
What to do with numbers? Answer
Solve algebraically:
OTO = 4
ROOT = 7
SOOT = 8
RUST = 14
RESET = 21
PRESS = 24
O = 1 | T = 2 | R = 3 | S = 4 | U = 5 | E = 6 | P = 7
Therefore your string of digits becomes
7 3 1 2 6 5 4