Danger in the Deep wins its first award!

4th January 2022
Danger in the Deep wins its first award!

We’re starting off the New Year with some exciting news!

Danger in the Deep has been awarded the “Best Tabletop Game” 2021 Bullseye Award from @escapetheroomers 🏆🎉

Congratulations to our team and thank you to ESCAPETHEROOMers!

For those who haven’t yet taken on the challenge, Danger in the Deep is one of our newer collaborative escape room games. Set in a submarine, with a secret agent narrative, players need to use all their secret agent training to navigate their way through the deserted sub, crack the shutdown code, disable the warheads, and locate the enemy agent. And all in just two hours!

There are 14 interactive and interlinked puzzles, and the detailed instructions, helpful hints and easy-to-follow game format ensure that both novices and experts are guaranteed an immersive, high-octane experience.

Gift yourselves a copy and let the countdown begin!

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