Buzzer Battle

20th August 2018
Buzzer Battle

Things are definitely “buzzing” in the Professor Puzzle office with the upcoming launch of our hot new range! Introducing Buzzer Battle, the collection of quick-fire trivia tests and laugh out loud party games that are just the thing to kick your next games night into overdrive! Get your fingers at the ready as we take a closer look at the products in this dynamic new range:

Get ready to sketch, scribble and scrawl in Doodle Buzz, the quick-thinking, quick-drawing guessing game! Can you draw a picture of a ghost knitting a jumper in the jungle? Or an astronaut delivering a pizza on a roller coaster? Let your artistic skills run riot as you go up against the clock to draw wacky scenes based on the topic cards for your teammates to guess. Will they be able to buzz in with the right answer, or will you be a doodle dropout?

Do you pride yourself on being a trivia buff? Are you a source of information, useless or otherwise? Put your knowledge to the test with The Big Buzz Off! Packed with over 200 questions on everything from music and history to film and pop culture, go head-to-head to see who will be the quickest to buzz in with the correct answers!

Have you mastered the art of the poker face or do you burst into giggles at the drop of a hat? See if you can keep a straight face with Laugh Out Loud, the hilarious game designed to make you crack up! Crammed with 150 different challenges, players take it in turns to tell jokes, do dares and tell cringe-worthy stories, but be careful – one little laugh and your opponents can buzz you out of the game!

Find out how much of a smooth talker you really are with Buzz Me If You Can, the wacky game of words! Players take it in turns to talk about a range of topics – everything from the internet to Paris – for their teammates to guess. Sound simple enough? Don’t count on it! There are a range of tricky forfeits designed to trip you up – will you able to talk without using the word “and”, or talk only in rhyme? With your opponents all waiting to dive for the buzzer to buzz you out, this game is just the thing to find out who truly has the gift of the gab!

Available for purchase on our website this Autumn, this buzz-tastic range is guaranteed for hours of non-stop family fun!

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