18th July 2017

Eastern history is rich with stories of legendary battles, brilliant military strategists and wise leaders. We challenge you to try and advance your own mental discipline with the same wooden puzzles favoured by the old emperors of the Orient!

Our exciting new Grandmasters collection takes its inspiration from the rich history of the East. Carefully handpicked, each of the nine puzzles are intrinsically linked to an ancient legend explaining their origin. For example, the Dragon’s Egg Tangram tells the story of an old man constructing a window at the Chinese emperor’s grand palace – after dropping the pane of glass, he delighted the emperor by using the pieces to form intricate shapes. The Tower of Hanoi puzzle is inspired by monks in a temple being tasked with transferring giant gold disks between three pegs. Legend states that when all the disks were finally transferred it would mean the end of the Universe. The characters depicted on The Sliding Blocks of Huarong puzzle are from one of the most legendary battles in Chinese history, the Battle of the Red Cliffs.

Enriched with the fascinating history of the Orient, these carefully selected and beautifully presented puzzles provide addictive challenges for everyone; from puzzle amateurs right up to seasoned experts. From traditional interlocking puzzles to the more obscure Sword of Nine Seals puzzle, which requires a minimum of 341 moves to solve it, this range will seriously test your lateral thinking whilst keeping you highly entertained!

Each puzzle comes with a carefully curated difficulty rating, ranging from the easy to solve “Philosopher” to the more challenging rank of “Grandmaster”, so┬áselecting the puzzle that’s right for you has never been easier!

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