19th April 2017

The Muddy Puzzlers are still training hard, striving to reach peak fitness in time to challenge both their physical strength and mental toughness with the Tough Mudder course in Henley on 29th April!

The Professor Puzzle crew – consisting of everyone from our super-fit gym bunnies down to our more irregular sports participators(!) – have teamed up to form the “Muddy Puzzlers”. The challenge is to run, climb, jump and crawl our way through five miles of mud and obstacles whilst remembering to keep breathing and preferably smiling! All money raised will be going to our chosen charity Campbellinas.

Campbellinas is a non-profit organisation set up by the family of Kirsty in our design team to help support neonatal units in Leeds following the amazing care they recently provided to her sister’s baby girls.

If you’d like to show your support for our fairly daunting challenge then please follow the link below – all donations are hugely appreciated!


The Campbellinas Story

Charlotte and Esme unexpectedly arrived 13 weeks early at Leeds Children’s Hospital and were due to spend the next number of months under the professional care of the staff of the Neonatal Unit.

These little “Campbellinas” tackled many of the issues associated with premature births, including blood infections, lung infections, collapsed lung, bowel inflammations, cysts on the brain, numerous blood transfusions and jaundice. With the best medical support, these little fighters eventually graduated from the Intensive Care Ward to the High Dependency Ward and seemed to be making fantastic progress.

At 8 weeks old Esme contracted another blood infection that travelled to her brain. Despite a course of antibiotics to kill the infection, she developed ventriculitus. Unfortunately the swelling in the centre of her brain was severe and caused damage to the surrounding tissue. Connor and Amy had to make the decision to stop her life support.

In the wake of this journey, and in light of the tremendous care provided to Charlotte and Esme, we have decided to set up a non-profit organisation with the initial aim to raise money to support neonatal units. Hopefully this contribution will help maintain the level of medical support provided to the girls and their parents.

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